Enslaved People and Free People of Color

While the majority of documentation for enslaved labor occuring for the University does not name individuals, below are known names of enslaved men and women who labored on campus or for faculty or students. Many of these people were temporarily leased from local enslavers by the University to maintain the campus buildings, work in the Botanical Garden, or as "college servants" for students and faculty. The term "college servant" refers to the types of work that enslaved people were expected to perform such as cleaning the dormitories and academic buildings, kindling fires in students' rooms, cleaning shoes, and carrying parcels. Additionally, this list includes several free people of color who lived or worked in Athens.

Enslavers and Other Participants

Below are the names of enslavers who owned and leased enslaved people to the University. Additionally, names of those involved in transactions and events involving the lives of enslaved people on campus are also listed.

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