Organizations involved in slave labor on campus

Below is a list of organizations involved in slave labor on the campus of the University of Georgia. Select an organization to view associated enslavement events and archival resources.

Athens Manufacturing Company

Built in 1833, a textile mill on the North Oconee River in Athens, Georgia.

Board of Trustees

One of two bodies governing the University, charged with the administration of the University's affairs.

Committee of Finance

Established in 1822, responsible for transaction receipts, expenditure reports, and the funds of the University.

Crane & Carlton

Crane & Carlton was a construction business conducted by James R. Carlton and Ross Crane.

Demosthenian Literary Society

Founded in 1803 by Augustine Clayton, Williams Rutherford, and James Jackson.

Prudential Committee

Founded in 1803, responsible for the day to day administration of the University.

Senatus Academicus

Board of Trustees and Board of Visitors combined it dissolved in 1859.

University of Georgia

Founded in 1785, the first university in the United States to gain a state charter.

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